365 Days Best Time to Travel in Seychelles

When is the best time to travel to the Seychelles?

365 Days Best Time to Travel in Seychelles

Things to know about the best time to travel to the Seychelles:

Travel Time Climate & Weather

The Seychelles are equipped with a year-round warm, tropical Climate blessed and therefore always worthy of a trip and a holiday. At any time of the year/travel season, certain activities lend themselves particularly well, one of which will certainly suit your holiday planning.

The two opposing monsoon winds determine the climate: the north-westerly monsoon wind from October to March with winds of 8 to 12 knots and the fresher south-easterly monsoon wind from May to September with winds of 10 to 20 knots, is cooler and offers ideal weather for sailing.

The time of the monsoon change provides for relatively warm, windless Weather in April and October. The best time to go swimming, snorkelling and especially diving is during April/May and October/November, when the water temperature can reach 29ºC and visibility is below Water is more than thirty meters.

Travel time Diving, Sailing and Fishing

Divers and people interested in diving is presented with the "SUBIOS Underwater Festival", the incredible underwater world of the Seychelles. It offers a forum for exchange of experiences, competitions and presentations of Photos and movies.

The "Festival Kreol" celebrates Creole traditions and roots. The cultural events last one week and take place every year in March and October.

The "Seychelles Sailing Cup" is Sailing competition of international format and takes place every year in January. The international Fishing contest takes place in November, but throughout the year there are also many local fishing competitions.

Below is an overview of the best times to travel to the Seychelles with various activities.

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