Bird Island, Seychelles Island


Bird Island, the northernmost island of the Seychelles

Things to know about Bird Island:

Bird Island is the northernmost island of the Seychelles. It is located 100 km north of Mahé and can be reached in 30 minutes by plane.

Bird is surrounded by white beaches and crystal clear blue waters. The 24 oceanfront individual bungalows offer a 'back to nature' experience amidst an ancient coconut plantation, bird sanctuary and sea turtle egg-laying site, and Bird is also home to Esmeralda (although male), possibly the world's heaviest (300kg) and oldest (200 years) giant land turtle.

Originally the island was once called "Île aux Vaches" after the manatees living in its waters (French "vaches de mer"), but now the birds have become the main attraction. Every year, between April and October, millions of sooty terns come here to hatch their eggs. The loggerhead turtles even come to the beach during the day between October and February to bury their eggs in the sand.

Visitors can experience all the natural spectacles up close. The full-time conservationists who are stationed on the island will be happy to explain their work and show anyone interested how and where to best observe the animals and, of course, take photographs. Due to the proximity to the edge of the Seychelles Plateau, it is easy to reach by boat from Bird to extraordinarily species-rich fishing grounds, where deep-sea anglers as well as divers get their money's worth. Snorkellers have fun in the south of the island in the shallow waters between Bird and the offshore coral reef.

In the early 1970s, Bird Island turned to eco-tourism. With its various conservation programmes, Bird Island Lodge has become one of the most successful ecotourism projects in the Seychelles.

24 cosy bungalows, breathtaking beaches, a very good Kitchen and a friendly, lively atmosphere round off the wonderful opportunities for snorkelling, deep-sea fishing and nature-watching experiences.

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