Directors and owners of offshore companies registered in Seychelles remain confidential

Press release 17.01.2020

Ende November 2018 stimmte die Nationalversammlung – das gesetzgebende Organ der Seychellen – für einen Änderungsantrag zur Wahrung der Vertraulichkeit dieser Offshore-Gesellschaften, der von Ahmed Afif, eingereicht wurde.
Der Präsident der Seychellen, Danny Faure, hat den Änderungsvorschlag unterzeichnet, die Keeping the names of directors and owners of offshore companies private.
The approval was urgent because companies had to declare their directors from 1 December 2018.


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Afif said the companies responsible for registering offshore companies had already sounded the alarm by explaining the potential losses to Seychelles.

"If we had left the law as it was, it would have brought our offshore system down," he said.

With increasing development in the offshore sector, Seychelles undertook a full review of the International Business Act in 2016. A new provision under Section 152 of the Act required companies to publicly disclose the list of their directors and owners, giving them two years to comply, which expired on 1 December 2018.

"At the time it was thought that this would become the norm and we had taken the lead, but today we see that other countries competing with us have not introduced this measure and so we decided to bring it back to the level it was," said Steve Fanny, the director of the FSA (Financial Services Authority).

The bill had to be brought to the National Assembly but was delayed in the Attorney General's office.
Although the information is confidential, relevant authorities such as the judiciary and financial regulators have access to it.
The offshore sector in Seychelles is the third largest contributor to the economy. There are over 200,000 registered companies in the country.

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