Interesting facts about the EUSTACHE SARDES HOUSE:

The Eustache Sardes House is undoubtedly one of the remaining examples of its kind in La Digue, Seychelles.

In the early 20th century it was built with almost geometric precision and refinement. Once it stood on large brick columns, but today the wooden house stands on a concrete foundation. It has an outside veranda with a decorative wooden railing, and a mansard provides adequate and habitable space under the roof. The design has been thought through to allow natural ventilation.


From La Digue harbour, walk or cycle south along the coastal road.
About 700m from the harbour on the right side of the road you can admire this beautiful wooden house. It is located directly in front of the Cable& Wireless shop with the blue logo.

There is a family with children living in the house.

Behind it, the restaurant "Le Bon Coin" opened in 2017/2018.

Karl Schnürch
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