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Things to know about EVE Island:

There was probably no ground-breaking ceremony when they started in 2012 about a further land reclamation EVE Icelandby filling in a mixture of dead corals, concrete and sand. Within only 2 years, a lot has been created on the island, which was previously a rather idle, shallow and unused body of water. It is the after Eden Iceland's second successful project of commercial island education on the Seychelles.

Eve is an island in the Seychelles, east of Praslin and west of Round Island of the Seychelles. It has an area of 0.29 square kilometres.

The island is located approximately 100 metres to the east of the place Baie Sainte Anne and can be reached on foot and by car over a specially built bridge.

The island has commercial port facilities and 50 plots of land that have been designated as industrial zones. Raffles, a hotel complex on Praslin, also built several exclusive villas on the new island.

There is also a sports complex for young people and those interested in sports.
On December 14, 2014 the new swimming pool was inaugurated, a 25-meter roller coaster pool according to international standards for short track races.

There is also a new fire station for Praslin with 3 fire engines since 2015.

On 24 June 2017, during the celebration of the National Day on Praslin, the Seychelles Pension Fund officially opened the Eve Island Warehouse.

Eve has developed very well to date, the infrastructure is up to date. It is fun to look at this small island. The land reclamation was a big plus for the Seychelles, because the island is very good at Population was accepted.

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