Extensive are the Seychelles known as very expensive. Also the many exclusive 5 stars Hotels kennt man von Film und Fernsehen oder Erzählungen. Deswegen stehen die Seychellen für viele nicht wirklich als erstes auf dem Plan wenn es um einen Urlaub geht. Auch meint man, die Seychellen sind mehr für Flitterwochen und Honeymoon ausgelegt oder für einen besonderen Urlaub mit einem besonderen Anlass.

Sie sind der Typ der gerne Individualist ist? fürs reine Schlafen nur so viel ausgeben möchte wie nötig ohne in einer Strandhütte ohne fliessendes Water leben zu müssen? Mit einem Holiday home in the Seychelles there's no limit to what can be done. Since 2007 the Seychelles have been exempt from the previously existing regulation that there are only 4 and 5 star hotels. Unfortunately this has still not penetrated as far as Europe.

There are so many first class holiday homes in the Seychelles that you really have to think about whether it might not be a guesthouse for your Seychelles holiday. Most of the time the location is better, because it is much more central and directly at the events, the people and inhabitants of the Seychelles.

By renting a guesthouse you get the personal contact to the Seychellois, experience their mentality, the day and also the culinary side of the Seychelles. On top of that, a guesthouse is much cheaper and you can adapt your holiday much better to the financial framework. Through the saving of the overnight stay costs and the local food, one can save a lot of money that one can then possibly invest in things like further island visits or longer stays. invest can.

Tell us how individual you would like to be in the Seychelles and we will tailor the perfect holiday for you. One thing you should be aware of, you can save a lot of money with a guesthouse in the Seychelles, but you can't book a cheap holiday. What we mean to say is that we get the best for your money and your holiday in Seychelles without you having to sacrifice comfort.

Important: You no longer pay for booking through us, rather less - because we negotiate the prices and our commission directly, daily and exclusively with the operators for you. Please write to us at.