You only get married once, or so they say, and when you do, you should Seychelles celebrate. There is probably no better and more beautiful place than the romantic "YES I DO" in paradise.

Marriage in the Seychelles

A civil wedding ceremony or the Wedding in the Seychelles requires little preparation and is easily recognised in the European Union. It is therefore an attractive option for bridal couples who would rather invest their wedding budget in travel than in a large family celebration.

There's no reason why you can't organise the wedding yourself. The formalities are handled in advance by contacting the registry office Civil Status Office recording.

Phone: + (248) 429 36 04 /429 36 13 / 429 36 14

Praslin Phone: + (248) 423 39 04

La Digue Phone: + (248) 258 69 87

e-mail: [email protected]
Opening hours: 8.00 - 12.00 and 13.00 - 16.00

To Marriage in the Seychelles you must prove your identity by means of passports and birth certificates and present a current official certificate showing that you are not already married (certificate of registration, possibly a divorce decree) All documents that are not in English or French Language must be translated.

The organization of the wedding and all optional "ingredients" (photographer, cake, flower arrangements, etc.) can often be arranged in cooperation with the hotel where you are staying. Large hotels also provide rooms for the wedding ceremony and often have staff who know how to carry it out. Some hotels even offer the wedding arrangements for free if the bridal couple books a certain minimum number of nights.

If one wishes that the wedding ceremony does not take place in the somewhat dreary office of the registry office (in the Independence House in Victoria) but in the hotel or at the beach, then one has to pay the arrival of the registrar, otherwise the wedding ceremony is free of charge.

There are registrars on Mahé and Praslin - on all other islands you have to pay the cost of the flight of the registrar arriving on your own. For further details, a separate leaflet can be obtained from the Seychelles Tourist Office.

Churchly weddings or other religious ceremonies can also be arranged, but not through the registry office. In these cases, those wishing to marry should be able to contact the representatives of their religious community in their home country, establish contact with their colleagues in the Seychelles and be able to inform them about the necessary preparations. A religious ceremony of any kind is not officially recognised as a marriage without a previous civil marriage ceremony.

Here is a printable instruction as PDF for the wedding in the Seychelles

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