There are surely only few destinations in the tropics where one travels to for a beach holiday and where it is still worthwhile to additionally pack the hiking boots. The granite islands of the Seychelles with their enormous mountain massifs are among the exceptions here. At a short distance from hotels and housing estates, you will find yourself in the middle of an unspoilt jungle, where you can also feel safe because there are no poisonous or dangerous animals or plants.

However, you should be prepared for possibly unfamiliar conditions. In order to avoid the highest daytime temperatures, it is advisable to set off early. The mountains are then often still covered in fog and also the forest provides some shade, so that it is clearly cooler here than at the beach. Humidity is generally high in the Seychelles, but a little lower in the months of May to September. In any case, you should carry sufficient drinking water in addition to provisions.

It is possible to explore the trail world of the Seychelles on your own, but if you want to make sure you don't get lost, you should go to an experienced local tour guide ...trust. A guided hike also has the advantage that you get explanations about animals and plants that you might not have noticed on your own.

For a small fee there are also the small (English-speaking) hiking guides Nature Trails and Walks in Seychelles, written by biologists Katy Beaver and Lindsay Chong-Seng, who helped plan most of the trails. These small booklets are not only for orientation, but also explain in detail the big and small sights along the way.

Examples of rewarding hikes are for example on Mahé the climbs to the Trois Frères (699 m) or to the summit plateau of Copolia (497 m) starting at the Sans Souci Road, which take less than two hours (return trip). The highest mountain of southern Mahé, Montagne Brûlée, can also be hiked from the Montagne Posée Road. Although this mountain tour takes a little longer, it is generally easy to manage and shortcuts are possible. On Praslin you can take the "Salazie Track" across the Island Walking from coast to coast - for the 9 km long distance you should estimate about four hours for the return trip. At La Digue there is beside the round hiking tour around the island the possibility to climb the 333 m heighted island mountain Nid d'Aigle.

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