It is repeatedely difficult to find the right hotel if one is not there. It should be a hotel that is tailored to your needs and not one that has been recommended to you by a travel agency just because there are good commissions for travel mediation or because the travel agents or travel agencies were invited there. Also the hotel selection via a brochure or a travel catalogue, on which you can hardly find more than 3-5 Pictures and reads sophisticated marketing texts, can only be turned into a perfect Holiday - to yours Seychelles Travel - guide.

We know the Seychelles. We know the Hotels. We know their position and location. We know the price level and know what is worth what or what can be saved. We know the small advantages and the possible big disadvantages. We also know the employees or management staff very well and can therefore work directly for you under ideal conditions.

The most important thing: We are independent, do not belong to any agency or travel agency. We came to the Seychelles as idealists and have remained so until today. That is why we can tell you exactly, after hearing what you want, what would be ideal and perfectly suited to you.

Tell us your needs, your budget, the duration of your trip and the occasion. We will make everything clear and transparent for you in Seychelles long before your holiday, so that you can really enjoy Seychelles and don't have to waste a day with any unclear things.

 You no longer pay for booking through us, rather less - because we negotiate the prices and our commission directly, daily and exclusively with the operators for you. Please write to us at.

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