Interesting facts about the MISSION LODGE:

Located just below the summit of Sans Soucis, the Mission Lodge one of the most extraordinary views over the west coast of Mahé. It was once a farm and boarding school for liberated slave children, which opened in March 1876 and was known as 'Fagnes Town' and later renamed 'Capucin'.

In 1889 there were 79 pupils there just before the project collapsed. Today you can still see the ruins of 'Venn's Town'. They are located at the beginning of a road that leads to the viewpoint, from where you have a breathtaking view of green mountainsides and the vast azure ocean, over which tropical birds glide majestically. Tranquility and the overwhelming beauty of nature combine there to win your heart.


From Victoria, take Revolution Avenue towards Beau Vallon (northwest). Shortly after the police station and the Barrel Disco turn left onto Bel Air Road, passing the Bel Air Cemetery and follow the road uphill, which turns into the Sans Souci.
Travel time is just under 20 minutes and 8.4 km.
On the right side of the road you will see the sign Mission Lodge next to a newly built wooden hut. You can park across the street from the lodge or, if there is not much traffic, just after the entrance.


14 Port Launay via Sans Souci

Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday 09.00- 17.00

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