Sie haben Ihr Urlaubsziel, das Guesthouse oder Hotel nun erreicht, ggf. schon die ersten Sonnenstrahlen und das herrliche Meer der Seychellen genossen, doch nun haben Sie Hunger.
Sure, you can, as long as you stay at the hotel, eat there. But that would not be our best recommendation. Not because it would not be good there or because we would not like to recommend half board to you. The food outside the hotels or even sometimes in another hotel is simply more varied - more individual - more original.

What we want to say, trust us - we show and recommend you for any occasion exactly the right restaurant in the Seychelles. We have eaten in all restaurants and know exactly which one we would recommend and what would suit the occasion.

Ask us - free of charge - gladly also 5 to 12 where you can go like food. You can reach us locally at 2753440.

All restaurants of the Seychelles you see here or Write to us on.

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