Service in the Seychelles

You have chosen Seychelles decided, that's wonderful. But as so often, everything is strange and a little opaque at first. Sometimes it's just the mentalities, local knowledge and/or the first steps you would like to take.
This is exactly what we want to offer you and be at your side for all your questions, just be helpful.

The possibilities and our travel service in the Seychelles are almost unlimited, especially because we live on the spot and have established many contacts over the years.
Best of all - you need to make your hotel reservation or Guesthouse have not been booked or arranged through us in order to enjoy our extended travel service.

To give you an idea of what we offer as a service in the Seychelles, we have listed a small summary of the most important things. Thus we are at your disposal with our service on foot, bicycle or mountain bike, car, boat, helicopter and/or propeller machine.

So do not hesitate to contact us with unusual things and questions. We are open for your Ideas and arrangements, but of course always with the respective respect for the Seychellois and the country and also with regard to your privacy.

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