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Press release 08.04.2021

Since 25.03.2021 the Seychelles open for travel again and there are almost no Corona restrictions. Thus, also the tour guides of the Seychelles may again Tours on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue offer


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Karl Schnürch

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Islandtour Seychelles is an approved tour guide service. Inspected, licensed and Corona Health certified by the government and health department. Also Islandtour Seychelles has liability insurance and is therefore an ideal companion for your tours.

Island tours and hikes in the Seychelles with certified tour guides

Iceland Tour Seychelles offers island tours and walking tours in the Seychelles. The tours can be with one person and up to groups of 25 people.

There are different tours, such as a circumnavigation of Mahe, or a beach tour in which you can choose up to 10 different Beaches not only visit and photograph, but also enough time remains to test the wonderful beaches of the Seychelles extensively.

Likewise, children are no Problem, there's also a beach and sandcastle tour where kids can stay and play and swim on kid-friendly beaches.

But if you prefer hikes and tours to visits to the beach, you won't miss out on this either. There are hikes of 1-4 hours that are usually doable by all participants.
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Tours and hikes are described in German, English and French offered.

Prices depending on group size or individuals and depending on tour and time from about 80 €.

Example, 2 persons for an island tour on Mahe, with a duration of 6 hours is charged with 180 €. 1 child up to 12 years free of charge.

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