The Seychelles are more than just a beautiful destination with world-class beaches, clear, azure waters and an amazing ecology. Discover the many faces of the archipelago!

If you just want to relax and unwind, the Seychelles offer everything you need! On Mahé alone there are 65 beaches to choose from; some of them ancient granite cliffs - others lined with palm trees, some in the heart of the tourist centres - most of them wonderfully quiet and deserted. Enjoy the invigorating tropical sun, or join one of the many exciting excursions and activities and experience the Seychelles with all your senses!

On the main island of Mahé, the international Airport and Victoria, the smallest capital in the world. Victoria is the cultural and economic heart of the Seychelles. It is also home to the main tourist infrastructure: the largest selection of accommodation, hotspots for culture and ecotourism, great restaurants, bars, cafes and casinos as well as diving centres, car hire, fishing and sailing boat hire and hiking and nature trails.

But Mahé is only one of many islands, because the Seychelles are an archipelago of 115 small island jewels in the Indian Ocean. Each has its own character, its own secrets and its own history. Island hopping between the 16 islands that currently offer accommodation is easy with regular flights and ferries that can be combined with almost any itinerary. Whatever you choose, whether it's the luxury of a 5 star resort, the charm of a small hotel, self-catering apartments or picturesque Creole guest house, courteous service and a friendly smile is guaranteed!

Your first stop might be Praslin, the second largest Island the Seychelles. With its breathtaking flora, it was once truly believed that the garden Eden to have found. Just a few steps into this unique forest known as the Vallée de Mai will show you why. Here, in this primeval setting, amidst huge palm trees, grows the unique Coco-de-Mer palm tree, whose fruit is reminiscent of the curves of a woman's pelvis. Listen to the sounds of nature, take in the surroundings and perhaps at dusk you will even discover one of the rarest birds in the world, the Seychelles vasa parrot. After a short walk through this clearing, you can visit one of the most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles. But Anse Lazio is not the only beach where you can have a wonderful swim. As on many other beaches, you can enjoy typical Creole cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere with a view of the sea and your feet on the sand.

The island of La Digue is just 30 minutes by boat from Praslin. The leisurely passing ox carts and the bicycle are the main means of transport on the island. Here it almost seems as if time has stopped here. Still deeply rooted in its traditions, La Digue is one of the most popular places to enjoy the incomparable island life with its unhurried rhythm.

Would you prefer to follow your imagination to distant horizons? There where the deep coral islands and breathtaking atolls are scattered like little road plates in the Indian Ocean. Some romantic "Robinson Islands" now have everything from stunning resorts with elegant accommodations gently nestled in breathtaking natural surroundings to rustic island lodges with cozy beach cottages. They all offer you adventure, excellent cuisine and the opportunity to experience the best that nature has to offer!

Are you looking for adventure on the ocean? The Seychelles offer some of the best sailing in the world, with easy sailing distances, safe anchorages and countless islands far and near, just waiting for you to discover them. Various charter companies offer modern fleets of manned or unmanned monohulls and catamarans.

If you are a diver, whether you are a beginner or an advanced diver, then the Seychelles is the place for you. A dive in the spectacular underwater landscape teeming with marine life guarantees an unforgettable diving holiday. Various professional dive operators, offer diving and live-aboard excursions to exceptional dive sites where few have been before.

You don't have to venture far out to the coast to land a catch in the Seychelles' fish-rich waters. If you are lucky, you can catch a variety of species from the local underwater world, such as tuna, barracuda, mackerel, jackfish, rainbow racer, sailfish or the mighty marlin. Bone fishing in the Outer Islands is one of the best fishing experiences in the world, some of the tastiest fish are caught here.

The romantic flair of the Seychelles gave them the nickname "Islands of Love". Whether you want to celebrate your wedding or a special anniversary, enjoy your honeymoon or simply look for a romantic hideaway for your well-deserved togetherness, the possibilities are almost limitless. Enjoy the ambience à la creole in one of our romantic hotels, guest houses or on a small "Robinson Island". Secret little bays, romantic restaurants and walks in the sunset leave lasting memories. Relax with various "in-house" pampering programmes for body and soul or with classic wellness treatments.

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