Interesting facts about the STUDIO GALLERY BAIE LAZARE:

Studio Gallery Baie Lazare | Gallerie D'Art, in this interesting gallery on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Baie Lazare, you can see the work of Gerard Devoud, who paints abstract watercolour paintings of the islands. The paintings of the artist portray the beauty of the Seychelles and show typical traces of brilliant red, green and yellow.

There is a certificate of authenticity for each of his pictures. Devoud has permanent exhibitions at Les Mamelles Art Gallery on the outskirts of Victoria.


Travel time from Victoria about 45 minutes.
Go south on the Bois des Rose Avenue and turn right at the roundabout in Roche Caiman. Take La Misere Road over the hill to Grand Anse, turn left onto Westcoast Road and follow this road for about 20 minutes.
In Baie Lazare, pass the gas station and shortly after that you will see the yellow wall with the paintings and the sign "Art Gallery" on the left side of the street.
You can park directly on the premises

Route 5 Baie Lazare via Takamaka
Route 6 Baie Lazare via Les Canelles
Route 11 Baie Lazare via La Misere

Opening hours:
Open daily from 08.00 to 15.00 hours.

Prints are sold at a price from SCR 600.00 to SCR 4,000.00, originals cost between SCR 10,000.00 and SCR 25,000.00.

The following Payment methods are accepted:
American Express, Cash (EURO, Rupees (SCR), US Dollar, Swiss Franc), Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa

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