PRASLIN, second largest island of the Seychelles


Second largest island of the Seychelles

Interesting facts about Praslin:

Praslin - with a total area of 37.58 km², is the second largest island of the Seychelles. With a length of approx. 12 km and a width of approx. 5 km, it is approx. 1 hour by ferry (Cat Cocos) or 15 minutes by plane (Air Seychelles) from Mahé removed.

There are two districts/districts/areas: on the north-west side Grand Anse (the airport of Praslin is located there in Amitié) and on the south-east coast Baie Sainte Anne (also capital), where in the bay of the same name is the ferry port of the Cat Cocos ferry. In the middle of the two districts is the highest mountain of Praslin, the Fond Azore with 367 meters.

Almost the entire surface of Praslin is covered with a tropical jungle. Nature lovers will love Praslin, especially the Vallée de Mai (Maital), which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the Vallée de Mai the flora and fauna still thrive as originally as centuries ago. Fragrant vanilla blossoms and the famous Seychelles palm "Coco de Mer" grows only here and on the neighbouring island of Curieuse. Some of the rarest birds in the world, such as the raven's parrot or the thick-billed flightless bird (Hypsipetes crassirostris) are also at home there. A must for every visitor to the island. Further sights on Praslin can be found here.

Also in Praslin, it is possible to get by bus to nearly each point of the island at a reasonable price and get to know the approximately 8000 island inhabitants during these trips. Praslin is an excellent starting point for visiting the smaller neighbouring islands of Curieuse, Aride, Cousin, Cousin, Île Ronde, La Digue and Île St. Pierre. La Digue can be reached from Praslin several times a day by ferry from Baie Sainte Anne. However, you should take at least one, or better two days to visit La Digue.

Seychelles Drone Beach

The most famous beaches of Praslin (or the world?) are Anse Lazio, Anse Georgette, Anse Kerlan and Anse Volbert. Absolutely and often deserted, therefore very worth visiting is the beach in the bay of Anse La Blague.

If all this is not enough for you, the 18-hole golf course of the 5-star Lemuria Hotel might be just right for you. One simply does not believe that such a golf course of such a dimension is possible on such a small island as Praslin. Sometimes you play on the mountain, sometimes directly with sea view or also at an artificially arranged lake that is also used for the irrigation of the whole complex. Ok, the whole thing is not available for little money, but a real golf professional and/or someone who wants to become one must have seen this.
Praslin Lemuria Golf

In addition to the Lemuria, there are other first-class hotel complexes, including the brand new Raffles Hotel (opening was in February 2011).

You won't starve to death either. In addition to the highly recommended self-catering facilities on the Cote d'Or (south-east coast), where you can and are allowed to prepare freshly caught fish yourself, there are also numerous first-class restaurants.

If you want to combine nightlife and disco with the Seychelles, you should definitely go to Oxigen from 12 o'clock at night. Hot rhythms (RnB, House, African and Reggae) and Seychellois, tight (very tight) dancing, plenty of alcohol, mostly Seybrew and/or Takamaka Rum, as well as much more will surely inspire you.
Don't be surprised if the time flies by and it is suddenly as bright as day when you come out of the disco. It is best to combine it with a first visit to the beach, so every day starts on the Seychelles (not only on Praslin). Palm tree

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