The Seychelles

The garden Eden - is what the first seafarers under Vasco da Gama the Seychelles northeast of Africa, when it was called Seychelles (Sesel) in the Indian Ocean.

The 42 granite and 73 coral islands have endless Dream Beaches and Dive Spots. On larger scale maps these are only visible as tiny elevations in the Indian Ocean. For the seafaring nations around 1500 BC the Seychelles but initially uninteresting. But in retrospect this should prove to be a stroke of luck, because in this way the Islands was spared from monocultures and colonial exploitation for a long time.

The unique ecosystem has been extensively preserved, because with the advent of mass tourism, from the very beginning the focus was on holidays and holiday bookings in around 700 high-quality hotels and holiday homes.

To date, little has changed in terms of Islands are uninhabited. 90 percent of the approximately 100,000 Seychellois live on the La Digue, Silhouette and Praslin, largest Island the Seychelles: Mahé.

All of them belong to the so-called "Inner Islands", which together with the "Outer Islands" extend over six latitudes in Africa and offer the best Weather and a first-class climate. You ask yourself when is the best holiday season? Click here for the Travel time.

The idea behind

This website was launched in 2007 as a smaller Blog launched. The sense was to write everything out of your head what you have experienced and seen. To give the pictures an archive and to help others to discover paradise virtually. To show dreams and / or already experienced again.

At the moment we, as the Urlaub & Reisen website, which was created with a lot of passion, have direct contact to about 700 hotels as well as holiday homes, 70 restaurants and bars. As well as extensive information in over 250 subpages about Islands, Beaches and Sights. Also round 5000 Photos and images for all Seychelles lovers.

And don't worry, we continue to grow, working daily to provide even more information about the most beautiful paradise on earth.

Therefore, no matter whether you are planning your holiday with this, need a travel service or want to Formation of a Seychelles offshore company ( would like to get in contact with us, we are pleased.
We are also more than open-minded about suggestions, your self-made experiences, gladly also pictures and videos.

Have fun on the website and already enjoy your holidays, your holiday starts here... Palm tree

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