MAHÉ, Main Island of the Seychelles


Main island of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean

Interesting facts about Mahé:

Mahé has a length of 31.3 km measured from the northern tip (Machabee) to the south (Police Bay) and a width of 8.1 km measured from the west (outermost point Baie Ternay) to the east (Point La Rue), the largest of the inner granite islands (Inner Islands) in the Seychelles.
Mahé is unfortunately not completely circumnavigable by car or bicycle, except for a few kilometres, as the north-western part of the Baie Ternay, due to the nature conservation of the Morne Seychellois Park, is a dead end. You have to turn right at the Anse Lisette (Port Gloud) towards the tea factory and then you will come to a circuit that will take you around 82.4 km.

The Seychelles are mainly made of granite, which has the advantage that it cannot cause an earthquake, because the slates required for an earthquake, which rub/shift for an earthquake, are not available. Therefore, the possibility of a tsunami from the granite islands is also not possible.

The many fresh water springs in the mountains of Mahé dominate the rich flora and faunaand thus the most important appearance of the island.
Mahé is green all the way to the top and not only tropical trees and palm trees grow here, but also mango, papaya, bananas, tea and much more.

There is also a rich variety of animals, mostly birds, flying bat and giant turtles. There are no dangerous animals in the Seychelles that could seriously bite, sting or otherwise injure you.
Also no malaria mosquitoes, which means that you also do not have Malaria vaccination or profile axes for the Entry and can thus save this procedure in advance.

Mahé is the main island of the Seychelles, on which most of the Seychellois live with approximately 85.000 inhabitants. The international airport is located in the east of the island and is modern and functional. Air Seychelles, the state airline, is also located in a new outbuilding on Mahe.

The best-known and probably most popular, as well as the longest beach (approx. 1.7 km) is Beau Vallon Beach in the northwest of Mahé. Other very worth seeing Beaches would be Anse Intendance in the southwest, Anse Royale in the east, Anse Takamaka in the west or Anse Major also in the west of the island.

If you want to experience the cultural charm of the island, you should definitely visit the Sir Selwyn Clarke Market near the Arul Mihu Navasak on a Saturday morning (from 5:30 am) to Victoria, the capital of Mahé.tHi Vinayagr temple Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagr Temple (Hindu temple) visit.

There you can buy everything (fish, vegetables, salads, fruit, rice, tea, etc.) that Mahé produces itself. The market is colourful and loud, but fair and honest.
Sir Selwyn Clarke Market

The infrastructure of Bus and taxi is very good. The bus will take you to all destinations on Mahé for just 7 rupees, which is about 0.40 cent. By taxi it is more expensive, but very comfortable, because almost only new cars are used as taxis. Nevertheless, you should negotiate the price for the taxi ride in advance and if possible always pay in Rupees (SCR). Palm tree

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