Airport transfer in the Seychelles


Well prepared with an airport transfer in the Seychelles

Wissenswertes über den Flughafentransfer auf den Seychellen:

Seychelles Airport Transfer

An often underestimated topic, the Airport transfer. Jede Woche dasselbe am Flughafen auf Mahé auf den Seychellen.

Holidaymakers who are not well-prepared (or by agencies and hotels that are not well organised in advance), stand there on arrival and do not know what to do. They are tired and exhausted from the flight and then have the stress of organising themselves in no time.

  • Where is the hotel or guesthouse?
  • Which taxi or rental car will take you to your destination?
  • At what price and is it safe?

This is no way for a holiday to begin!

A private airport shuttle service brings relief!

Hello and welcome to the Seychelles

Paired with a hearty hello at the Seychelles airport (the driver is already waiting for you and not you for him) and a subsequent ride with refreshments, as well as first information about the Seychelles. The possibly important anonymity can also be taken into account with the airport transfer, as well as larger groups and special requests.

Tell us your arrival time and what you personally want and we will organise the transfer to and from Seychelles Airport for you. Our aim and that of this service is that your first impression of the Seychelles and your holiday is a perfect one and that you can simply let go upon arrival at the airport.

If you wish to use the Airport Transfer / Airport Shuttle Service, please take the following services in good time Contact with us on.

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