Worth knowing about the leisure and cultural activities of the Seychelles:

The diversity of the Seychelles is almost unbelievable. Already during the landing approach this enchanting island world fascinates you and promises a series of exciting experiences...

The Seychelles are known for their spotless, deserted Dream Beaches world-famous. Framed by ancient granite rocks, with powder-soft sand and turquoise-blue Wateryou will find here the paradise for snorkeling, swimming and relaxing.

Only a few Places on this earth make the luxury of "island hopping" possible through your natural conditions. Currently 16 islands of the Seychelles, have a tourist infrastructure and offer overnight accommodation. From breathtaking 5 star hotels over rustic lodges in the typical country style, up to cosy holiday homes the islands offer everything your heart desires. On your journey, discover the heart of the Seychelles, the Vallée de Mai, where the legendary Coco-de-Mer nut grows.

You can also experience historical monuments, typical Creole houses, artists' studios and the national and marine parks with their natural wonders on land and at sea. Excursions with the glass bottom boat are very popular to discover the colourful underwater world. For those who are dedicated to water sports, there is also a wide range of activities on offer.

Being active and relaxation are equally part of the island flair. Golfhorseback riding or guided hiking tours bring you to the rare and sometimes endemic flora and fauna closer to the Seychelles. In the evening it gets quieter on the islands, let the day pass in a cosy Bar or finish up at the casino or go to Restaurant and try the varied Creole kitchen.

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