Seychelles Boat Tours

Sure, you can walk, ride your MTB, rent a car or even take the Seychelles enjoy. But there is nothing like a guided boat tour.

There is so much to see from the water. You will discover beaches and islands that few have seen before and that would never be accessible on foot or by car.

Also the perspective from the boat to the land is unique. Black granite cliffs, deserted dream beaches, fantastic real estate, gorgeous bays, unique islands and so much more is simply wonderful to experience by boat.

We would like to do a full day island tour (about 10 hours), passing 10 islands of the Seychelles like: SilhouetteNorth Island, Lliot, Praslin, La DigueSt. Anne, Moyenne, Long Island, Cerf and Eden Iceland?

Or, you would like to go fishing without stress and completely calmly and comfortably and try to catch or crown your dinner? This would also be possible with a boat trip and we would be happy to accompany you, no matter what time of day.

We promise you, photos like you can take from the boat, you won't be able to take anywhere else. Please ask us for your boat tour, we are very flexible, but always depending on the weather, safety is the highest priority.