In the year 2007 I created the website to write everything I experienced out of my head. Since then I have been constantly optimizing and expanding in order to eventually be able to present a complete image of the Seychelles on this site.

I've been living right up Mahé on the spot and are happy to help you for your Seychelles trip or the Holiday to Mahè, Praslin or La Digue. Now and then I do Administrative formalitiestranslated documents, have them certified by a notary, help with the establishment of a offshore corporation and have an apostille placed on documents by the Supreme Court.

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On these pages you will find additional information about the best Seychelles Travel timeto the Seychelles Weather or to the really healthy Seychelles Climate incl. climate table.

But I would also be happy if you would take one of the Seychelles Hotels or a Guesthouse about us, because a holiday in the Seychelles is unique as well as the Accommodation.

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Ein besonderer Dank geht an die Menschen die mich so sehr mit diesem Herzens Projekt unterstützen.
Rolf Rosskopf, Danny Gerhard, Lara Gutser, Torsten Dickmann meine Freunde bei Deeplwho did an extremely good job with the translation and the Seychelles Tourism Board for so much information and the special cooperation over all these years.

Also for the partly provided pictures I would like to thank these persons very much:
Patrick Jaussi, Sheena Jean, Lara Gutser, Mario Gisiger, Torsten Dickmann and much more.