Wavel Ramkalawan, the new and 5th President of the Seychelles

Presidential elections in the Seychelles, a new president - Wavel Ramkalawan

Press release from 25.10.2020

Not necessarily surprising but nevertheless a bang after 43 years. Since 1977, Seychelles has had a consistent government under the name of United Seychelles with the 4th President Danny Faure. Seychelles will make history in 2020 with the elections on 25.10.2020 and the new president Wavel Ramkalawan from the opposition party LDS.


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The elections in the Seychelles

59-year-old Wavel Ramkalawan has often, indeed several times, tried to President of the Seychelles. Today on 25.10.2020 around 7 am Seychelles time in the morning, it was clear he will be the new and 5th President of Seychelles.

Wavel Ramkalawan, the new and 5th President of the Seychelles

It became apparent very early on that the mood of the electorate was calling for a new president for the Seychelles. Many weeks before there were frequent events of his party, the LDS (Linyon Democracy Seselwa) and one could see many flags on cars, flags on houses and people wearing T-shirts of the LDS, with the face of Wavel Ramkalawan.

He has tried it 5 times since 1998, always failed very close, but now he has reached his goal on his 6th attempt.

35,562 voters, which corresponds to an electoral quota of 54.9%, voted for him in the first round of voting. In addition, his party wins 25 seats in the parliament, which now consists of 35 seats in total.

High voter turnout

The elections themselves were clean, fair and calm although there was a high turnout of about 78%.

Tomorrow, 26.10.2020, was declared a holiday by the still incumbent President Danny Faure for the inauguration, so that the people of the Seychelles, even a picture of the new President, Wavel Ramkalawan, can get an idea of his sworn into office.

Nothing unusual, yet certainly exciting instead of a sea of previously red T-shirts and flags, banners and banners, now to see the LDS colour in green and white.

Certainly the appointment of the president is accompanied by a loud and much honking motorcade, which is traditional for the LDS party and its events.

Ahmed Afif, the new Vice-President of the Seychelles

Not to be forgotten is also the new Vice-President Ahmed Afif, Vice-President of the Seychelles, Ahmed Afifwho, as LDS, was previously a member of the National Assembly, i.e. the Seychelles Parliament, and was also a great supporter of the Offshore Financial Sector is.
One can now be very curious to see what will change with the new, right-wing government of the LDS. The Seychellois wanted a change, which in the tense situation caused by the Corona crisis will certainly be a very difficult task for the new president team of Ramkalawan and Afif.

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About Seychelles

The main economic factors in Seychelles are tourism, fisheries and financial services (i.e. banking, business services, trust services, securities, etc.). The gross domestic product (nominal) in 2019 was approximately USD 1.65 billion or slightly more than USD 17,127 per capita, putting Seychelles in 53rd place in the world and first in Africa out of 54 countries that even surpass oil-rich Equatorial Guinea.

GDP growth in 2019 was 3,57%.

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