Fishing and angling in the 1.4 million square kilometres of the Seychelles-Fishing grounds are possible all year round. The months of June to October are preferred by big game anglers, while the other months are ideal for fly fishing and bottom fishing. A fishing licence is not required. There are no shops where you can buy bait or rent fishing equipment, but the fishing trip providers do supply their customers with the necessary equipment, unless you bring it yourself. Some airlines carry fishing equipment as sports baggage at special rates or even free of charge.

Why not charter one of the many excellent boats, with an experienced crew, and head south, out into the seemingly endless expanses of the sea, until you reach the Turcos Bank? The place is teeming with tuna, jackfish, dorado, streaker, kingfish, sailfish and marlin. On the way you can also stop and try your hand at the traditional art of palangrotting or bottom fishing!

Bottom fishing means fishing at the bottom. They load a long, weighted line with bait and let it drag on the bottom of the sea at a depth of about 50 metres. You will be amazed, because Palangrotte Fishing rewards you with the tastiest fish that you can find in this area. Ask the crew to fillet a freshly caught tuna or bonito and enjoy this ultimate sushi platter with a cold beer while you wait for the next catch.

Another possibility is to look for a fishing spot near the coast and try your luck at night fishing. The 'Bekin' or silver barracuda is not only exciting to catch, but is also excellent for barbecuing.

The waters around Silhouette are particularly rich in fish and in the corresponding season you can catch sailfish especially well here. But there are also some excellent bottom fishing spots in the area. A fishing experience around Praslin or La Digue is not only rewarded with a good catch, but also with an impressive view! The area around the twin coral islands of Denis and Bird is best known for Marlins.

An expedition to the Amirantes or outside Alphonsetakes you to the remote, barely fished waters of the Outer Islands. The areas around the St. Francois and St. Joseph Atolls are becoming a Mecca for fly-fishers around the world due to the records of bony fish and mackerel already caught here.

Anglers must observe some nature conservation requirements. In certain areas fishing is completely prohibited or restricted for these reasons. The waters are patrolled by park rangers. The use (and already the import) of harpoons is generally prohibited. Among sports fishermen it is common practice to release the caught fish alive after the usual photo ("catch and release").

Several fishing competitions are held in the Seychelles during the year. Of particular interest to foreign participants is the IGFA Fishing Tournament in the second week of October.

No matter where the compass leads you, you will find pristine, deserted waters where there is still enough room for real adventure.

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