We all know it, you go on a trip, maybe to the Seychelles Holiday and you think about what you could take with you. Enough clothes? Many and suitable shoes, underwear, uǝʞɔoS, bathroom utensils, a new Smartphone for the best pictures and and and.
At the end of the vacation the realization comes, one had once again and as always much too much with him.

We recommend as Luggage airy clothing suitable for the tropically warm climate. You should be prepared for relatively hot weather with plenty of sun and high humidity.

Also bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen - cream or lotion with a high sun protection factor (at least 30). Please remember that even in cloudy weather the sunlight is still very intense and can cause unpleasant sunburn. Also make sure that you bring sunscreen that is not harmful to the sea.

When you swim or snorkel in the Seychelles for the first time, you should wear a T-shirt.

The camera should not be missing in your luggage! Remember to take enough memory and batteries with you.

In general, there is a casual dress code, but long trousers and appropriate footwear for men, is mandatory for dinner and when visiting hotels or casinos.

Ankle-high, non-slip hiking boots are recommended if you Island explore one of the many nature trails or hiking want to leave.

Please make sure that you take enough personally required medication with you. Pharmacies the Seychelles have enough.

Also bring sun protection lotion according to your skin type and anti-mosquito spray.

It is also important to pay attention to the visa entry regulations in advance. Appropriate information is available from the Foreign Office of the Seychelles.

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