It is allowed to bring spirits (also wine, beer, strong beer, port), perfumes and tobacco:

  • 200 cigarettes or 250g tobacco
  • 2 litres of spirits and 2 litres of wine
  • 200ml of perfume or eau de toilette

Personal property which is to be re-exported on departure is not taxed. In addition to the above duty free provisions, each visitor may import duty free a video and camera equipment, musical instrument, portable electronic or electrical devices, sports equipment and other recreational items.

Weapons such as alarm pistols, clubs, bows and arrows, brass knuckles, daggers, swords, tear gas, whips, firearms and ammunition are prohibited. They may only be imported with the appropriate permit or with prior official authorisation from the relevant authorities.

This also applies to harpoon guns, fireworks, pyrotechnics and explosives of all kinds.

Furthermore, the import of plants and parts of plants, animals and animal products, biological samples, radioactive substances and equipment, dangerous drugs, chemicals, medicine, pharmaceutical articles and toxic substances is prohibited without the appropriate permit or prior official authorization from the relevant authorities.

The value of food brought to the Seychelles for personal use, may not exceed 3.000,- SCR unless you have received the relevant import permit in advance and are prepared to present it.

The import of any kind of pornographic material is strictly prohibited.

All goods, foodstuffs or other items brought in above the specified limit are taxed in the national currency. This is expressed in Bar or by cheque which can be cashed at a local bank. Import tax cannot be paid by credit card.

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