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Things to know about investing in the Seychelles:

Investment opportunities in the Seychelles

You are looking for an opportunity to make investments and/or receive tax benefits in the form of offshore corporation to use? We will be happy to help you. Our direct contacts to lawyers, authorities and service providers simplify the procedure and ensure that you have an experienced contact person directly on site.

Seychelles' location outside the cyclone belt is perfect. In a time zone (e.g. 2-4 hours time difference to Europe) that overlaps with most working hours of the major financial centres and with excellent connections by ship or plane to Europe (daily), the USAAsia and Africa, Seychelles is a perfect location to do business and invest. An efficient telecommunication system (4G und 5G), der  neu und umfangreich ausgebaute Hafen Port Victoria und eine gut entwickelte Infrastruktur mit attraktiven Investitionsanreizen bilden das ideale Geschäftsumfeld für Investoren.

The Seychelles Investment Bureau was established in July 2004 as the first point of contact for all investment matters. The SIB builds on the work of its predecessor. The aim is to market Seychelles as an optimal business location, create an investor-friendly atmosphere and support them in setting up businesses to invest and expand successfully.

Detailed information on investing in the Seychelles

The main tasks include:

  1. To raise awareness of Seychelles as a location for investment at home or abroad. To publicise investment opportunities in all sectors of the economy.
  2. Offer assistance and support to investors and act as a link between local and foreign entrepreneurs and all public/private organisations.
  3. Accelerate the processing of investment applications in an efficient manner, for submission to the government.
  4. Conduct analyses and make recommendations on investment-related topics.

For more detailed information on Seychelles Company Formationjust ask us or read here further. We can give you a lot of first-hand information, because we have gained a lot of experience so far, which we are very happy to share. An investment in the Seychelles could be worthwhile.

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