Establish an offshore company with substance


Seychelles offshore company formations. Offshore Founding a company, if necessary with substance, in addition to the facilities with directors, address, communication channels, post boxes and much more are easy, especially for us, since we are on site. We know all ConditionsLawyers, notaries, know the prices, know which documents are actually required and are therefore quick to set up a company.

As Germans, Europeans and Asians we also know exactly what you expect from an offshore company foundation and will therefore set it up for you online with absolute discretion.

How to set up an offshore company?

There are now over 220,000 offshore companies on the Seychelles. However, many people still believe that the offshore company is illegal or is used for tax evasion. Of course the Seychelles are a tax haven, but everything is legal and the Seychelles are not on any of the black lists.

The Seychelles Offshore Company is white listed by the OECD. The Seychelles have made offshore business really interesting again by implementing the requirements of the Act. No tax audits, no accounting, no disclosure of the owner (UBO), no disclosure of shareholders, the appointment of a nominee director is possible. - white listed - so we can take away all doubts and you can actually open an offshore company legally.

Tell us your ideas and what goals you would like to pursue with a Seychelles offshore company. We will help you immediately and can set up the offshore company within one or two days for you. Of course with all valid, original certificates and with Apostille of the Supreme Court of Seychelles.
Also with the wish your Offshore company with substance to expand, to find office and employees, to administer them later, we are happy to assist you and 100% is there for you.

Offshore company with substance

This means that you will receive a real office with a street address and, if desired, optionally with an extra rented post office box. A monthly bill for electricity, water, telephone and Internetissued in your company name by the local utility company. A company car registered to you including insurance also issued to the company. For the obvious substance, also with a proper director. Not just a nominee, but a contract of employment. A director who actually works on your behalf and is available on site at an absolutely affordable cost.

More service desired?

In addition, we offer an extended service directly in the Seychelles, which no agency from Europe can offer you so easily. We live in the Seychelles and have a very broad network and specialists.
Furthermore, you can ask us all your questions in your native language in advance. You will then know exactly why offshore company formation in the Seychelles is the right way for you.

We are happy to establish the Seychelles offshore company in your presence. This means that you combine a stay in the Seychelles with the incorporation of the offshore company. We take care of the entire incorporation process during your stay and put our network and experience at your disposal.

For this purpose, we put together a very interesting and fair overall package. Including the accommodation in a Guesthouse or hotel and the establishment of the company.

Furthermore you can enjoy e.g. the Seychelles and their islands with Boot TripHelicopter flightspremium Creole foodSea, Beaches and landscape.

Also the entertainment will not be missed out, we know where and how to celebrate.

Well, what are you waiting for? We're founding your Seychelles Offshore Company and open up a whole new world of finance, along with fun and substance. Palm tree


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