Beach in the south of La Digue

Interesting facts about the ANSE MARRON:

Anse Marron - This unique beach is located at the southern tip of La Digue island.
There are 2 sections of beach, one is exposed to the open sea, the sea gets deep immediately and there can be high waves and currents. The other one is somewhat hidden between gigantic granite rocks and has a small natural seawater pool where you can cool down.
This beach can only be reached on foot or, when the sea is calm, by boat and from there you can swim to it.
The trail goes over stones, crevices, over beaches, sand, partly waist-high through the water and through the palm forest. It is recommended to take a guide for this trail because not all places are safe, the path is not easy to find and you need knowledge about the tides.

Guided tours are available daily. They start between 7.45-8.30 at the helicopter landing site and end there again at about 14-15.00. The price is 40€ per person and includes the transfer between the helicopter landing site and Grand Anse as well as a picnic on the beach with snacks and fruits.
The guide tells about the flora, fauna and island life on the way.

Directions (to the heliport - start of the tour):

From the port, follow the coastal road south. The helicopter landing pad is located directly in front of the entrance of L'Union Estate Park. Palm tree

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