Anonymous, Island of the Seychelles

Ile Anonyme

Anonymous the Ghost Island in the Seychelles

Things to know about the island of Anonyme:

Anonyme is just a stone's throw from the international airport on the main island of Mahé.

Es ist kaum zu glauben, dass eine so kleine Insel so viele verschiedene Geistergeschichten und Sagen über fantastische Schätze die hier vergraben sein sollen, hervor gebracht hat. Noch heute nimmt Anonyme eine lebendige Rolle in der Folklore der Seychellen ein.

The island was once owned by the St Jorre family, one of the first settlers in the Seychelles. Anonymous was, from the beginning, predestined to play an important role in the construction of Seychelles' first international airport due to its proximity to Mahé.

This is where the main deposit for the explosives needed for this undertaking was built.

The fauna is abundant and diverse despite the fact that the land area is only 9.6 hectares. The island is home to rare tree species such as the Bois Noire and the magnificent Banyan tree (a subspecies of the Urostigma) which is said to be over 100 years old.

Anonymous is rich in bird species, flying foxes and giant turtles. The island is surrounded by waters ideal for snorkeling and offers beautiful views of tropical sunsets and the neighboring islands.

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