On the main islands of Mahé and Praslin, the bus is a comfortable and inexpensive means of transport that serves the entire road network of the islands through numerous stops. On Mahé there is the central bus stop in Victoria. Buses run from 05:30 to 22:00, although from 18:30 they run very rarely. A detailed bus timetable with exact departure and arrival times and bus routes is available at the bus depot.
There are self-employed taxi drivers on Mahé, Praslin and to a lesser extent on La Digue. You can stop a taxi on the street, go to the taxi stand or call the driver directly. Just make sure you set a price for the distance in advance if the taxi does not have a meter. Many taxi drivers also offer an island tour for a fixed price.

Car hire is only available on Mahé and Praslin. The different companies, are on the international Airport on Mahé or in the larger hotels, you can also book a car easily through a local agency. The choice of vehicles is wide, from the classic Mini-Moke, to a 4 wheel drive, minibus or chauffeur-driven Mercedes, everything is possible. To rent a car a valid E.U. or international driving licence is necessary. The car will be delivered at the place of your choice, please note that on the Seychelles Left-hand traffic prevails.

Another way to explore the islands is in the company of an experienced guide. Take the various hiking trails that lead to special viewpoints on the islands. Or travel in comfort on a sightseeing bus.

You can also discover the islands by bicycle, which can be rented on La Digue and Praslin, and is one of the most popular means of transport here.

The so-called "Island-jumping" is made possible by a well-developed network of transport facilities. The ferries and small airplanes operate mainly from the main island Mahé.

The national airline Air Seychelles, operates a shuttle service between Mahé and Praslin, the 2nd largest island. The flight takes only 15 minutes, and there are 20 return flights a day. Air Seychelles also offers other Flights within the islands, for example to Bird Island, Denis Island, Desroches and Alphonse. This is usually done on request of the hotels.

Also part of the aviation network for tourists is the Islands Development Company (IDC), a helicopter charter company. The IDC offers island transfers, excursions and sightseeing flights over the Seychelles islands. Specialized is the IDC on charter flights to the Outer Islands.

For tourists there are two different means of transport at sea: the traditional and the modern. The traditional ferry is a schooner. In approx. 2½ you can reach the landing stage Baie Ste. Anne on Praslin from the quay in Victoria/Mahé. Only half an hour longer and the trip takes you to the landing stage La Passe on La Digue.

The modern Cat Cocos, a fast catamaran that takes you from Victoria to Praslin to the Baie Ste. Anne in less than an hour, is also frequently used.

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