National History Museum opens exhibition by projection on 18.05.18

The National History Museum opens an exhibition by projection for the first time on 18 May 2018

Press release 18.05.2018

The National History Museum of the Seychelles opens an exhibition by projection for the first time as part of this year's International Museum Day activities on 18 May 2018.


Karl Schnürch

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The projection that will be on the exterior walls of the new museum is the interpretation of the theme "hyper-connected museums: new approaches, new public".

Beryl Ondiek, director of the National Museums, said on Monday that "hyperconnectivity is a term that was invented in 2001, to design the diverse means of communication we have today".

According to Ondiek, these include "personal contact, e-mail, instant messaging, telephone or the internet. In today's networked world, museums are joining the trend."

She added: "Thanks to technology, museums can now go far beyond their core audience and find new audiences by approaching their collections in a different way: it can be digitising their collections, adding multimedia elements to the exhibition or something as simple as a hashtag that allows visitors to share their experience on social media".

Ondiek explains that the projections will begin on the evening of 16 May.

"What we will be projecting are different objects that will be on display in the new museum. Let's say this is like a teaser that will give the public a glimpse of the exhibition once the newly renovated and refurbished National History Museum opens at the end of September."

The projection will run every night throughout the year.

The museum is located in the former Supreme Court building in the capital of the Seychelles - a group of 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean - and has its place in the heart of the city opposite the famous Victoria Clocktower

After its opening, the museum will house several galleries that will present the History of the island nation from slavery to modern times. The exhibits also include artefacts and maquettes. Palm tree

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