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Things to know about EDEN:

Eden Island is a newly established in 2006 Island the Seychelles, about 3km away from Victoria.

What was once a dead coral reef off the coast of Mahé has now been transformed into an opulent backdrop. Now, more than a decade later, Eden Island is a luxurious, coveted place that people call home. The development of this aspiration over so many years has created not only accommodation but also tourist and economic opportunities.

With an area of 0.57 km2, around 600 units of apartments, semi-detached houses and luxurious villas have been built here. At times up to 1000 people live on Eden Island.

In the first 3 years after completion in 2011 alone, almost 90% of all units have been sold by 2014. Today there is always the chance to buy a few new and existing properties.

Eden has created about 700 permanent jobs for local people. It also contributes about 45% to Seychelles' GDP and 9% to foreign investment.

The marina has room for about 250 boats and yachts, but almost all of them are occupied.
Also, most of the villas have their own additional mooring, which is extremely comfortable for the property owners, as they can access the boat or yacht directly from the house via their garden or jetty.

There is also a small shopping mall with about 30 shops, ice cream parlours, pharmacy, boutiques, money exchange, offices and a supermarket.
There is also a general clinic under German management and a highly modern dental practice.

The Eden Bleu Hotel was also opened on Eden in 2018, thus extending the accommodation facilities.

Those who like to go out in the evenings will find numerous smaller restaurants, bars and a casino.

A visit to Eden is definitely recommendable and a must for every visitor to Seychelles.

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