Frégate, Island of the Seychelles


Frégate, Island of the Seychelles

Interesting facts about the Island Frégate:

Frégate, the easternmost of the granite islands, is the most eastern of the Mahé even the most remote. There are 16 luxurious villas to choose from here, seven exceptional beaches and literally unique flora and fauna. Although the island is only 2 km² in size, it is home to around 50 bird species, including the Seychelles magpie and the paradise flycatcher, which were already on the brink of extinction.

In addition, about a hundred giant tortoises live freely on the island, which can be explored very well on foot, either across the jungle or along the coast. From a 125 m high elevation in the centre of the island, you can enjoy a magnificent view. Frégate can be reached by helicopter from Mahé in 15 minutes.

Karl Schnürch
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