Interesting facts about the PORT LAUNAY COASTAL WETLANDS:

Port Launay Coastal Wetland, the first mangrove area of the Seychelles, which has been designated since 22 November 2004 to protect the coast of Port Glaud, covering an area of 121 hectares. The Port Launay coastal wetland is one of the best mangrove wetland biotopes on the main island of Mahé, with all seven mangrove species in the region. The mangroves along the coast help stabilise the coastline and the upland areas of the site, granite areas with high drainage, play a major role in the local hydrology.

The coastal area provides ideal spawning grounds, nursery, food and hiding place for fish and is also home to some of the Seychelles' endemic species, such as the goujon (Seychelles killifish), and the freshwater fish Macanbale. The habitat provided by the site is also said to be important for the little known Seychelles Pocket Bat, of which only four active roosting caves are known, one of which is in the area, and for the Seychelles fruit bat. Both belong to the critically endangered species.

In the tributaries to the wetland, live some endemic species of lobster. Fishermen use this area to fish for octopus.

The site is often used for educational activities for school children, especially around the World Wetlands Day.


From Victoria, take Revolution Avenue towards Beau Vallon, turn left after the Barrel Disco onto Bel Air Road, follow it uphill onto Sans Soucis Road. Sans Soucis Road winds through lush vegetation past the viewpoints: Rochon Dam, Mission Lodge and Tea Factory to Port Glaud on the west coast.
When you arrive here, turn right onto Port Launay Road heading north.
After a few minutes, you will pass the "Del Place" restaurant, shortly after which you can park opposite the church.
Follow the road now on foot for a few hundred meters in a northerly direction.
On the right side of the road there is a wooden footbridge and a sign " Port Launay Mangrove Forest".
Here you can cross the mangrove forest without getting your feet wet.
If you like you can follow the path at the end of the mangrove forest to the Sauzier waterfall (entrance fee 25 SCR per person).

Route 14 Port Launay via Sans Soucis
Route 13 Port Launay via La Misere
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