Things to know about STE. ANNE MARINE NATIONAL PARK:

It takes about 20 minutes to get to Ste. Anne from Mahé by slow boat. Ste. Anne Marine National Park has one of the largest areas of seagrass within the granitic islands, where turtles are often found. Bottlenose dolphins are also frequent guests there.

There are Creole restaurants on the islands of Moyenne and Cerf.

The island of Ste. Anne was the site of the first settlement on the Seychelles in 1770, far from the once crocodile-infested swamps of Mahé. After being a whaling station, it served as a base for the Royal Navy defending Victoria Harbour during the Second World War. It is said that a great treasure lies at Moyenne during Round Island was once a leper colony.

Ste. Anne Marine National Park is a significant part of Seychelles' natural and cultural heritage. We ask that you leave nothing but your footprints there and take nothing but photos and memories from there.

The islands St.Anne, Round, Long, Moyenne and Cerf - these 5 islands are in the middle of the national park.
There is a ruined hotel on Long Island, the Shangri-La Resort was never completed. Before the hotel was built, Long Island was Prison Island.
Round Island is the smallest of the 5 islands and is home to the Enchanted Island Resort.
Boat trips go to Moyenne every day, you can get to know the island and its over 100 year old inhabitants.
Between Moyenne, Long and Round, a sandbank forms at low tide where you can walk between the islands almost dry-footed.

Opening hours:
All marine national parks are open daily, even on public holidays.
Victoria: Monday to Friday 08:00 to 16:00

~ Adults: SCR 200,00
~ Children under 12: free

All non-resident adults entering the Marine National Park must be in possession of a valid ticket purchased from one of the listed outlets. Tickets must be kept and handed over to the daily patrolling rangers when requested.

Anchorage fee10,00 EUR per yacht is valid for one night at anchor.

Film fee: 200.00 EUR for film crews and professional photographers. However, written permission must be obtained from the Marine Park Authority (MPA) prior to commercial filming

The following Payment methods are accepted:
Cash (EURO, Rupees (SCR), US Dollars, Swiss Francs), MasterCard, Cheques, Traveller's Cheques, Visa

A day trip by boat incl. snorkelling in the marine park, visit to Moyenne Island incl. entrance fee and barbecue on Cerf costs between 80-100€ (pick-up from hotel).

From Eden Island you can also take a trip on the red semi-submarine "Semi Sub". Price is about 35€ and this includes the return trip and about 20 minutes of fish watching. Palm tree

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