The Seychelles, your safe holiday destination

The Seychelles, your safe holiday destination

Press release from 27.07.2020

The Seychelles are still one of the safest destinations in the world, as travel in Europe is slowly getting underway.

The Seychelles is one of the small nations least affected by the pandemic and is now ready to move from 1 August 2020 to welcome guests back.

Three major airlines - Emirates, Etihad and Ethiopian - have added scheduled flights for the Seychelles to their booking systems as of August. Other airlines, such as Edelweiss, have announced that the islands will be added to their route network in September and October.


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Seychelles Tourism Board

According to the latest figures, which were published on Thursday afternoon (23.07.20) by the health authority of Island have been published, there are currently only 39 active cases in the country. So far, no deaths related to Covid have been registered.

The Seychelles managed to fight the virus with a lot of energy from the beginning, so that only 11 cases were registered by the end of May. Although tourism, the country's second economic pillar, was declining, fishing was still operating and a number of West African seafarers tested positive for crew change on arrival in Seychelles last month.

All newly "imported" cases have been isolated on their fleet, and have not yet given rise to any transmission to the local community. Six Seychellois workers who had contact with the fishing crew and tested positive have now recovered. All cases currently active (39) remain quarantined on their boats and have no contact with the mainland.

This makes Seychelles currently one of the best and safest destinations in the world to visit this summer, with strict measures in place to contain the possible spread of the virus among guests.

The Chairperson of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Mrs Sherin Francissent a strong message to the world, telling travellers that "Seychelles has coped very well with the number of cases we have had and the country has responded quickly with bold and necessary measures.

We are now ready to welcome our visitors again and we look forward to welcoming them in a safe and very flexible environment".

Ms Francis added that the destination is subject to specific protocols and guidelines regarding in-country travel and hygiene in places such as airports and Hotels has implemented. It also encouraged visitors to maintain best practice during their travels and stay in the Seychelles.

"After months of quarantine and as the summer begins in most of our prominent markets, people are eager to experience the world again. The risk in the Seychelles is relatively low and we will offer the same sense of adventure, albeit in a slightly adapted environment," she said.

Minister Didier DogleyThe Minister of Tourism of the Islands assured the visitors that their safety was paramount: "A lot of work has been done to ensure that the visitors' stay at their destination is safe and we want them to enjoy their holiday as they would normally do. In the unfortunate circumstances in which they fall ill, the country is able to provide them with the care they would need," the Minister of Tourism assured.

Tourists coming from an approved list of low and medium risk countries may enter Seychelles. A negative covid 19 PCR test, carried out 72 hours before boarding the aircraft, is the main condition for entry into the Indian Ocean islands.

Although visitors need to minimize their interactions with the local community, they can continue their holiday activities such as sightseeing and excursions, island hopping and trips.

Some 96 hotels on various islands have already been accredited and have received the stamp to start welcoming guests, as they meet the required health and safety checks. This Accommodation range from self-catering accommodation to five-star hotels and island resorts. Other service providers have also been certified to operate. Palm tree

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