Things to know about the UNITY MONUMENT:

The Unity Monument was founded in Victoria in 1987 on  Mahé and shows 4 big white fish.
Each of these fish represents an important point in the economy of the SeychellesTourism, agriculture, fisheries and small businesses.
This monument is located at the roundabout near the library.
In the background the mountain range "Trois Freres Mountain" is clearly defined


This monument is located in Victoria, at the southern end of the city.
It is located in the middle of a roundabout that one inevitably passes when leaving Victoria in southern direction.
Here come the roads: Francis Rachel Road, 5th June Avenue, Latanier Road, Bois de Rose Avenue Mont Fleuri Road.
Parking is available in the street parallel to 5th June Avenue - in Diversion Road. E.g. at Marine Charter or at Takeaway Box to Box


From the bus terminal, take Palm Street east, which meets 5th June Avenue and follow it south, passing first the roundabout with Bicentennial Monumentthe next roundabout is directly the Unity Monument.
Walking time: about 10 minutes

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