Things to know about the BICENTENNIAL MONUMENT:

The three pairs of sprawling white wings of the Bicentennial Monument are simply bricked up at the roundabout between 5th of June and Liberation Avenue. Striking as they are, they inevitably make all viewers speculate about the significance of this elegant, geometric work of art.

This is the Bicentennial Monument, known in Creole as the 'Moniman trwa lezel' (Three Wings Monument), was erected in 1978 on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the city of Victoria. Mahé ...was erected. Founded in 1778 by the Frenchman Charles Routier de Romainville as a branch of the King. The monument was created by the Italian artist Lorenzo Appiani, who was Seychelles lived.

The three wings represent the origin of the Population the Seychelles, which can be described as a cheerful mixture of ethnic groups from three continents (Africa, Europe, Asia). The wings could also symbolize the first discoverers of the islands. Birds, of course.


The monument is practically located in the heart of Victoria and one almost inevitably passes it directly.
At this roundabout 5th June Avenue, Independence Avenue and Flamboyant Avenue (direction Cat Cococ harbour - Inter Island Quay) meet.
Free parking is available in the parking lot between Flamboyant Avenue and 5th June Avenue. During the week between 08.00 - 16.00 it is always quite full


From the Victoria bus terminal, head east on Palm Street, which meets 5th June Avenue. Follow it south for a few minutes until the first roundabout.

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