From 01 August 2020 Start for commercial flights

President Faure holds advisory meeting on the resumption of commercial flights

President Foure press release as of 23.06.2020

President Danny Faure chaired a consultative meeting at State House this morning with key government and private sector representatives to discuss reopening the borders of the Seychelles for commercial flights. Representatives of non-governmental organisations were also present.


Karl Schnürch

The Commissioner for Public Health, Dr. Jude Gedeon, also presented a national framework for the integrated management of the reopening of Seychelles' borders. The reopening of Seychelles' borders will be based on three main pillars: Protection of public health, community resilience and secure economic response and recovery.

Dr. Gedeon also presented a National Framework for Supervision, Monitoring and Coordination to show how workplaces, hotel facilities, car rentals, bars, tour operators and other facilities need to function in the face of the increased risk of COVID-19 and what criteria they need to meet to ensure that the country is ready for the arrival of tourists. Stakeholders will meet on 14 and 21 July 2020 to review the national framework for supervision, monitoring and coordination.

After discussion, it was agreed that from 1 August 2020, Seychelles will reopen its borders to commercial flights for Seychellois from overseas, foreign visitors and those with professional licences obtained abroad (GOP), provided that the criteria set by the Ministry of Health are met.

President Faure stressed the importance of following the guidelines laid down by the health authority and of getting used to maintaining social distance at all times. He noted that these practices must be perfected as Seychelles and its citizens prepare for the reopening of the border.

The next consultative meeting will take place next Tuesday, 30 June.

Source: President's Office, Seychelles Palm tree

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