Beach in the north of Mahé

Interesting facts about the ANSE L'ILOT:

Anse Lilot is a small hidden beach in the north of Mahé which is not directly visible from the road. The colour of the sand here is rather yellowish.

Turquoise water invites you to swim in calm seas. There are isolated rocks in the middle of the water. At high tide, the beach disappears almost completely.
Diagonally opposite the beach, you can see the offshore mini-island of "Lilot

Anse l'Îlot, which is off the beaten track, is reached through dense vegetation in the north-western part of Mahé. Once found, it is known for its beauty, but at high tide the beach disappears, so a visit is only recommended at low tide.

From Victoria either along the North Coast Road (duration about 25 minutes) or via Revolution Avenue/ St Louis Road. After the gas station at the police station turn right, along Beau Vallon Beach (about 15 minutes).
At the waterside you see a sign "Top Soleil Beach" there is a concrete staircase going down, pass a house and you are at the beach.
There is a small beach bar here.
Parking is rather difficult and is only occasionally possible at the roadside.
Bus: Route 20 Glacis via Anse Etoile (continue via Beau Vallon to Victoria) or Route 22 Glacis via Beau Vallon (continue via Anse Etoile to Victoria) Palm tree

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