Beach in the west of La Digue

Interesting facts about the ANSE SOURCE D'ARGENT:

Anse Source d'Argent is said to be the most photographed beach in the world. With its soft white sand, clear turquoise waters and huge granite boulders carved by time and the elements, it's easy to see why photographers and filmmakers are always drawn here. Because it is protected by an offshore reef, the water here is very calm and shallow and you have nothing but sand under your feet, making the beach very safe for children as well.

On no other beach you will find such extraordinary colours and shapes of granite rocks. The beach consists of several larger and smaller beach sections and each one is worth a photo.
The sand is fine but sometimes interspersed with washed up pieces of shells or corals.
A reef is in front of the beach, the water is extremely shallow and also rather warm. In the water there are some sea grass fields, therefore water shoes are recommended.

At low tide these green fields can be visible outside the water surface which makes a great contrast in the photos. On this beach you get to see a spectacular sunset behind the neighboring island of Praslin.


From the port it takes about 15 minutes by bike to the south along the coastal road to the heliport. There the L'Union Estate Park begins which you have to cross. The entrance fee is 115 Scr/Peron and is valid the whole day (including multiple entries and exits).
In the park you will find the individual stations of traditional coconut oil production, vanilla plantations, medicinal plant garden & giant tortoises.
At the end of the park there is a large bicycle parking lot Palm tree

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