Interesting facts about L'UNION ESTATE:

Take a step back in time and visit L'Union Estate. Take a look at a traditional copra mill with a kiln, admire the oldest specimens of tortoises or walk around the majestic plantation house framed by granite boulders in a beautifully landscaped garden, or just go for a bike ride.

The property also houses the Cemetery of the former settlers on La Digue and also one of the most untouched beaches of the Seychelles the legendary Source d'Argent one of the most photographed beaches in the world.

A large part of the L'Union Estate Park is a vanilla plantation and in the rear area there is a farm where chili, aubergines, passion fruit and much more are grown.

Furthermore there is the "Boat Yard" on the premises, here you can see how boats and ships are manufactured and repaired

From the port, turn right towards the south and follow the coastal road. At the crossroads after the Gregoires pizzeria and the STC supermarket, turn right and continue along the coast road. The road leads directly into the Lunion Estate Park. The park can be easily explored by bike or on foot.
Travel time approx. 10 minutes. On foot it's about half an hour.

Opening hours:
Open daily from 07.00 to about 17.00 hours.
(you can also get out after the opening hours - there is a security at the entrance)

~ SCR 115.00
The following Payment methods are accepted:
Cash only

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