Interesting facts about EGBERT MARDAY - KREADYON BEAU-ET-MIEN:

Egbert Marday or Kreadyon Beau-et-Mien is known for his work as an artist, painter, sculptor and model maker. He paints his paintings in acrylic, oil, as collages or with mixed media while his sculptures are made of wood, Parisian plaster, metal, clay and resin.

Egbert also has a small farm with chickens & goats which he likes to show. He grows bananas, papayas, passion fruit, oranges, chili and much more.
Major customers are hotels such as Ephelia.

His former Creole style house with lots of wood soon became too small for the growing family and was quickly converted into the gallery / workshop.


From Victoria to the Bois de Rose Avenue. At the STC Hypermarket straight ahead over the roundabout. At the next roundabout (at the Roche Caiman petrol station) 3rd exit.
Straight ahead onto La Misere Road and cross the mountain towards Grand Anse in the west.
About halfway downhill there is a slightly longer straight stretch (on the right like a clearing). On the left side of the road you see the sign "Egbert Marday" and some metal sculptures and flower pots.
You can park in the yard.
The journey time is just under 20 minutes.

Route 11 Baie Lazare via La Misere
Route 12 La Misere STA (Seychelles Tourism Academy)
Route 13 Port Launay via La Misere

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday: 08.30 to 18.00 hrs
Sundays by appointment only.

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