Interesting facts about the BEL AIR CEMETERY:

Der Bel Air Friedhof ist zweifelsohne die älteste historische Stätte der Seychellen. Er wurde bald nach der französischen Besiedlung im späten 18. Jahrhundert eröffnet und war damit der erste offizielle Bestattungsort auf Mahé.

Tombs, vaults and shrines contain, as important historical milestones, the remains of many famous people, such as the corsair Jean-Francois Hodoul and the 9-foot (274.32cm) tall Charles Dorothée Savy, who was poisoned at the age of 14 by neighbours who feared his size.

There are also the remains of the mysterious Pierre-Louis Poiret in the cemetery, considered by some to be the son of Louis XVI, who fled the French Revolution and sought refuge in the Seychelles.

The cemetery is also the final resting place of a son-in-law of Jean Baptiste QUÉAU de QUINCY, a district official and county administrator, who was buried between other recently rediscovered graves, once buried by the great landslide of 1862.


From Victoria, take Revolution Avenue towards Beau Vallon (northwest). After a few hundred meters Bel Air Road turns off to the left. In the first right turn you can already see the cemetery wall on the left side of the road. Just after the wall opposite the bus stop there is a parking lot.

The entrance is free.

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