Beach in the southeast of Mahé

Interesting facts about the TURTLE BAY:

This long stretch of coast stretches along the southeast coast from Mahé to Turtle Bay and has narrow beaches and shallow water near the coast road. At low tide, it is interesting to stroll across the sand and climb over the rocky outcrops to discover all kinds of marine life romping in tidal pools. Local fishermen also use this part of the coast to lay traps and catch squid, and at low tide you can often see the fishermen wading out to the reef. At high tide you can swim here, but even then the water is still quite shallow.

Turtle Bay or also known as Au Cap Beach. It is a long stretched beach with shallow water and lots of shade.
At low tide, sandbanks often form.
The beach is often visited on weekends by locals to have a beach barbecue with the family, to meet friends or to splash around with the children.
Because of the shade and shallow water, this beach is ideal for children (the main road is just behind the beach - so always keep an eye on the children).

From June - September sea grass can be washed up on the beach.

In the immediate vicinity there are small shops and dining facilities e.g. "Maison Marengo". (closed on Sundays).
Auch sie Takamaka Rum Distillerie (Sonntags geschlossen) und das „Domaine de Val des Prés – Craft Village“ (Montags geschlossen) sind nur einen Katzensprung entfernt.


Von Victoria über die Bois de Rose Avenue Richtung Süden. Biegen Sie am Roundabout des internationalen Flughafen links ab und fahren Sie auf der Hauptstraße etwa 3½ km nach Süden. Wenn Sie dort einen kleinen Anstieg überwunden haben, sehen Sie dahinter zu Ihrer Linken die Diskothek Katiolo (in einer scharfen Kurve).

Continue through the village of "Anse Aux Pins" with the big bus stop. Shortly after the empty Reef Hotel (on the left side of the road) Turtle Bay begins.
Travel time is about 25 minutes for 16 kilometres. You don't have to cross mountains to get here.
In the following street section there are several possibilities to park your car and get to the beach.


Route 4 Anse Boileau via Mt Posee
Route 5 Baie Lazare via Takamaka
Route 5 Baie Lazare via Les Canelles
Route 9 Port Launay via Les Canelles

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