Beach in the southwest of La Digue

Interesting facts about the ANSE BONNET CARRÉ:

Few people know the Anse Bonnet Carré, because many visitors walk or cycle on La Digue to the famous Anse Source d'Argentbut only few take the trouble to explore the further coasts of La Digue. The small beach rewards those who do. The beach is only accessible on foot and is therefore often deserted. But it has the same white sand as its famous neighbour, a little less rocks and the same shallow warm water, which invites you to a relaxing bath rather than a sportive swim.

There is no real path, so that one has to find a way through the bushes or climb over the rocks. Only at low tide one can also walk through the water, best with water shoes.

There is almost no shade and swimming is not possible due to the reef/sharp rocks and waves.


From the port of La Digue in a southerly direction along the coastal road through the L'Union Estate Park (chargeable! 115 SCR per person) and leave the bicycle at the parking lot.
Walk to the end of the beach Anse Source dArgent. At low tide (and keep this in mind for the way back) you can now walk through the water to the next beaches Anse Pierrot and Anse aux Cedres. Then we continue over rocks and partly through the jungle to Anse Bonnet Carre.
Journey time by bike about 15 minutes and then another 30 - 45 minutes on foot Palm tree

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