Beach in the east of Silhouette

Interesting facts about the ANSE LASCARS:

The beach of Anse Lascars on the east side of the third largest Seychelles island Silhouette can be reached via a footpath from La Passe. The sandy beach, where many shells and corals are found, is famous for the fact that behind it there are a few old graves which are thought to contain thirty Arab sailors who were shipwrecked here with their dhow long before the island was settled.

The sea is deep at high tide with high waves. Swimming is possible with caution at low tide. The ground in the water is rocky and sharp, so water shoes are recommended.

At this beach, a real Robinson Crusoe feeling comes up, as one is mostly alone.


From the port, head southeast past the La Belle Tortue Hotel and follow the road around the Marsh (lake).
To the right there is a small path that leads to the Dauban Mausoleum, where you can find some endemic plants. (The path meets the road again further south).
The direct way to the dream beach is via a tarred road.

Duration: approx. 20 - 30 minutes Palm tree

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