Beach in the west of Mahé

Interesting facts about the ANSE PORT GLAUD:

Anse Port Glaud is located in the west of Mahé.

The main beach is right next to the road and protected by a small wall. A little outside in the sea there is a reef where the waves break. Here you can sometimes find locals with surfboards on weekends. Up to the reef the sea is shallow and rocky. Gegenüber liegt die Insel „Therese“.
A few meters further south there is the "Port Glaud Lagoon" which is a great photo motif with contrasting colors. In the background you can see the ruins of the former "Mahé Beach Hotel".

Port Glaud Beach on the west coast of Mahé and adjacent to the Port Launay National Park is similarly attractive to the southern beach of Port Launay and offers views of calm, shallow waters, breathtaking scenery and stunning panoramas with some of Mahé's neighbouring islands.

From Victoria, head across the mountains to the west coast of the island. You can either take the Sans Soucis Road - it has many many curves and you can enjoy the view over Victoria at the Rochon Dam Viewpoint (next to the Greek Consulate) and stop on the way at the Mission Lodge with a view over the west coast. For nature lovers, I recommend taking this road. The Sans Soucis Road ends directly in Port Glaud, where the beach of the same name is located.
Die zweite Möglichkeit ist die La Misere Straße. Auch dort gibt es einen Aussichtspunkt mit Ausblick über Eden Island und den St. Anne Marinepark. La Misere Road ist dichter besiedelt als die Sans Soucis Road dafür ist der zu überwindende Berg etwas kleiner mit weniger scharfen Kurven.
Arrived on the west side you follow the Westcoast Road to the right in northern direction passing the beach "Grand Anse" over a small hill and after that you are directly in Port Glaud.
Parking is possible at the roadside.
Bus: Route 13 "Port Launay via La Misere" or Route 14 "Port Launay via Sans Soucis". Palm tree

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