Interesting facts about the DAUBAN MAUSOLEUM:

The Dauban mausoleum was built in a quiet and lonely place in the middle of lush vegetation and palm trees on the Island Silhouette and contains the mortal remains of Auguste Dauban (the builder of the mausoleum), his wife Catherine and their first child Eva, who died at the age of only 2.5 years.

The imposing architecture is a special landmark of the island and there is little else like it on the Seychelles.

One of the most striking features is a group of six relatively massive columns aligned on the façade and sides. In addition to its charming structure, the mausoleum gives an insight into a series of social and economic aspects that underline the status of the Dauban family and the economic prosperity of the island at the time.


From the harbour, head in a southeasterly direction past La Belle Tortue Hotel for about 10 minutes. Shortly after the marsh (lake), there is a sign "Silhouette Native Plants Trail" on the right - follow this trail for a few minutes.

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